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Hello MSI students, parents and visitors. Thank you for visiting our website to find out a little more about our school.
MSI...Main Street Intermediate, is made up of all the 4th and 5th grade students in Taylor ISD. We have approximately 460 students and 50 staff members. We are a diverse campus with students from many different economic, ethnic and language backgrounds.
MSI staff believes in the Taylor ISD motto that we will be "Relentless in the pursuit of educational excellence." We challenge ourselves everyday to live up this high expectation. To align our campus focus with our district motto we have a MSI student motto we ask our students to follow every day.
"Main Street Intermediate Ducks will...
Make it to school
Succeed with reading and practice
Improve beyond our dreams"
We let our students know that if they follow this motto, they will experience success at MSI.
We run very structured academic and behavior processes for our students. Our goal is to ensure all of our students are successful and improve on a regular basis. Students practice academic skills repeatedly until they can show us they have mastered the skills confidently. We teach and positively reinforce our behavior expectations regularly. We ask all students to follow the MSI 3 Be's: Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. Having the support of parents and community in these areas is essential to our campus success.
We want all students to develop and grow their leadership skills to ensure they are successful inside and outside of our school walls.  For this reason, our campus is following the steps to become a Leader in Me (from Dr. Steven Covey) campus and develop those crucial leadership habits.
Please visit the link below to read more about our MSI student motto, school expectations and leadership habits.
We welcome everyone to our campus to support our students and support our district and student motto. We look forward to a great year together.

Travis Motal
Principal, Main Street Intermediate
Taylor ISD
Twitter: @msiprincipal


7:15am - Doors Open

7:35am - Breakfast and Morning Work Begins

(all students are encouraged to be at school at this time)

7:50am - Instruction Begins

(students are tardy after this time)

3:15pm - Dismissal