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Data and Ratings

Main Street Intermediate collects and monitors multiple sets of data for students on a regular basis.  Our student motto says: Students will Succeed with Reading and Practice and Improve beyond their Dreams.  The Taylor ISD district motto says: We will be relentless in the pursuit of educational excellence.  
Both of these guiding principles keep our staff focused on students improving and excelling throughout the school year.
All MSI staff members monitor student performance daily to ensure students are improving and reaching those high levels of success!
State of Texas Accountability
*This is a one-page overview of the Campus Accountability Rating, Performance Indexes, Distinction Designations, Campus Demographics and System Safeguards.*
*The TAPR pulls together a wide range of information on the performance of students in the school. The report also provides extensive information on staff, finances, programs, and demographics for the school and district.
Main Street Intermediate Data
Duck Math
*Duck Math's goal is to build student's foundation in math.  Students start at an addition level and progress through higher and higher level skills as they demonstrate mastery.  Students practice the skill at home during homework then quiz on the skill the next day.  If the student passes then they practice the next skill.  If the student does not pass then they practice again until they show mastery.  Teachers monitor the students levels daily and provide celebrations and interventions as needed.  These foundational math skill practices are in addition to the high quality instruction our teachers deliver each day.
Reading Counts
*Reading Counts's goal is to improve student's independent reading level through reading books on the students level and demonstrating comprehension when the reading is complete.  The teachers work with the students to set a reading level that is comfortable but challenging for the student.  After the students quizzes on the book the student gets points.  Teachers monitor the students progress weekly and set short term and long term goals for success.