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Main Street Intermediate School Home

Main Street Intermediate Mario Ramos

Our Principal's Message

To our new and returning families, I'm happy you're here! To those visiting our webpage or campus, welcome! This new school year holds so much promise and opportunity. We will work tirelessly to help students become effective communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, problem solvers, emotionally intelligent, and persistent.
We know the pandemic has been a serious challenge for so many in our community. We understand our students have faced unprecedented challenges getting the education they deserve. We are committed to empowering the whole child where they today so we can equip them for tomorrow.
I am inspired by all the possibilities each student and staff member holds. I'm inspired by the caring educators who come to work everyday and pour their hearts into growing our learners. 
 -- Mr. Ramos, Principal


Inspire, Equip, and Empower Every Student to Achieve Their Unique Potential

-Taylor ISD Mission Statement

Intentionally Empowering The Whole Child

-Taylor ISD Vision Statement

Taylor Proud

  • 6 Schools
  • 1 Pre-K Program
  • 3,000 Students
  • 450 Teachers
  • 300 2021 Graduates
  • 27 Industry Certifications
  • 60 College Credits
  • $242K Scholarships Awarded in 2021
Tammy Truex Taylor ISD

Tammy Truex - Taylor Middle School, 7th Grade Science Teacher,

I love working for TISD because the challenges of teaching allow me to work with amazing people and encourage me to continually grow. The quote "once a duck, always a duck" is a special statement. This a community that represents a family. I am blessed to have attended the district as a student K-12, teach with those who taught me, work with former students as peers, and continue to serve generations to come. It is so very inspiring and motivating to know of students and peers who make a difference in this world.
Trey Boles Taylor High School

Trey Boles -Taylor High School, student

I love the feeling of community in Taylor ISD. We always come together whether it be in difficult times or in times of celebration. The spirit and pride the people of Taylor ISD have is amazing. Taylor ISD has helped me grow into an adventurous person ready to explore the world. The education I have gotten in my History and Geography classes have helped me in my knowledge of various world cultures and have solidified my motivation to travel to each and every corner of our world.
Chelsey Ellison, Taylor Middle School

Chelsey Ellison - Taylor Middle School, Principal

Taylor is home; it's where my heart is and a district that I am proud to be a part of. Taylor ISD is a district that truly believes in doing what is best for students, and supporting teachers and administrators in creating the best educational environments and opportunities that our students deserve. Taylor, even though a growing community, still has the welcoming, small town feel and our district is committed for providing the best educational opportunities for our students to develop and fulfill their unique potential.
Michele Cobbs Taylor ISD

Michele Cobbs - Taylor Middle School, 7th Grade Social Studies/ESL

I love how we support one another. Our administrators and peers are incredible at cheering us on and challenging us to become the best we can be as we equip students for success. From day 1, Taylor ISD makes you feel like you are part of the family. We are serious about: Once a duck, always a duck!
Shannon Luedtke Taylor ISD

Shannon Luedtke - Naomi Pasemann Elementary, 2nd Grade Teacher

I love working for Taylor ISD because Taylor is a small, tight knit community that I am proud to call home! I have lived here for 5 years and am going into my 4th year working for the district and I enjoy getting to know and understand our community even more by working with our little Ducks! The families here in Taylor ISD truly want a great educational experience for their child and being able to partner with them in that journey is such an honor and a responsibility that I don't take lightly. Taylor ISD is special because our educators and administration truly care about each and every student who walks through our doors! We strive to make sure each student, regardless of their background, feels valued and supported by all of the staff members that they interact with on a daily basis. Taylor ISD has a lot to offer our community and I am so excited for the future and growth of our district!
Cindy Terrazas Taylor ISD

Cindy Terrazas - Pasemann Elementary, 1st Grade Teacher

Having grown up in Taylor I feel a deep connection with the community, parents, and students. Both of my parents served as educators for Taylor ISD and played a huge role in my return to teach where I grew up. I have great memories of going to school in Taylor and love the fact that I am able help students gain the same feelings and experiences I had growing up here. Taylor has the most amazing sense of community. The town and people have a way of rallying around the schools and kids. The Taylor community is one that is so welcoming we often see people leave town and come back to teach and continue living and caring for one another. That sense of community carries into our schools as we truly get to know the parents of our children because we soon see that they are neighbors, relatives, and alumni that continue giving back to our schools. I am excited to see everyone’s positive outlook for our future! While we always honor our past, I can see how bright our future will be! #OnceADuckAlwaysADuck
Amy Scott Taylor ISD

Amy Scott -Taylor Middle School,8th grade ELAR, Learning Strategies, ELAR Dept. Chair

I live each day to bless each of my students. I want them to feel safe, wanted, encouraged and cared for when they come into my classroom. As a teacher, it is not often you find a school district that makes you feel the same way. I absolutely love Taylor ISD because not only do they make me feel those same things I strive in my classroom, but they also make me feel heard, which is HUGE in our profession. I started in 2019 and it has been a roller coaster of a ride. As a district, we have navigated through this season of changes. It was just amazing to see everyone come together for our students and community to ensure not only the learning needs, but physical needs of our students being met. Amongst all of the chaos, we still reached out to each other on our campuses and throughout the district making sure we all had what we needed, supported each other, met needs of our staff, and shared the joyous moments-like a family. Taylor ISD is special because it makes you feel like you are part of one big family. I am pretty new to TISD and everyone I have met that works in TISD in a different capacity have been so friendly, helpful, and caring. Everyone always has a smile on their face! I am truly blessed to be part of Taylor ISD.