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Mrs. Miller

MSI School Counselor

Services Provided

Guidance Lessons

Guidance is provided to students in the form of 30 minutes in the homeroom classroom once a month focusing on a variety of topics.  We focus on the character traits associated with Social Emotional Learning and any other issues/trends/concerns raised in our community.  Providing students guidance raises their emotional intelligence and prepares them in being thoughtful and respectful learners in our rapidly changing world.  Social Emotional Learning provides students with the skills necessary to succeed academically and socially.

Responsive Services

As a school counselor I can assist students when an immediate issue arises.  Issues can be school-related such as: tardiness, misbehavior, absences, not completing work, and disruptive behavior that may have underlying causes.  Problems can also be about grief/loss, family issues, stress, and/or bullying.

Individual Planning

I can also meet with students to make goals academically, for future college choice, or career guidance.  We can meet to review progress and monitor growth.

Mrs. Miller can be contacted by phone at 512-365-1999 and by email at

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